Women of Williams County - Laura Wingfield - Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre (NYC)


"Danielle Cohn is an exquisite clown and vital energy on stage, driving the action forward with vigor and intelligence. She was a powerful anchor in the group."

Jacquelyn Claire, NY Theatre Guide

The Trojan Women - Helen of Troy - Hudson Warehouse (NYC)


"Danielle Cohn as Helen of Troy is by turns hilarious, opportunistic, and convincing as the woman who will do anything to survive - and does."

-Emily C. A. Snyder, Classical NYC

Drunk Shakespeare - Lady Macbeth - Brass Jar Productions (Off-Broadway)

"Danielle, a voluptuous, zaftig, flaming red-haired real life Jessica Rabbit, in her piece de resistance, took an empty glass, added the remaining contents of several spectators’ cocktails, and tossed that backwash back too. The audience groaned as she swilled that, but she seemed pretty obliviously gleeful, and washed out her damned spots with abandon before her melodramatic death... My sides and cheeks hurt from laughing for 90 minutes straight."

- Diane Meyer Lowman, Somers' HamletHub

Broad Comedy - Troupe Member - SoHo Playhouse (Off-Broadway)

"[The] talented all-female ensemble... All have big smiles, strong voices and perfect articulation...The cute choreography is skillfully executed with the cast handily managing everything from baby carriages to guns."

- The Unforgettable Line