• Regular performances with Broad Comedy​​, most recently for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte's Zoom fundraiser

  • Sarah in Lizardfolk's ROLL WITH IT (available for viewing at

  • Cast Member for DIFFICULT TERRAIN, an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons videocast; currently prepping for Season 2 (

  • Voice Actor for SPR (



    Having lived half my life in the heart of NYC and the other half in LA, I like to think I have both the no-nonsense intellectualism of a New Yorker and the sunny optimism of a Los Angelino, though quite possibly I absorbed nothing but a great love of both pizza and oceans.

     I'm now based in NYC.  Current highlights include:

  • Lady Macbeth in Drunk Shakespeare

  • Co-founding Lizardfolk, a nerdy arts collective

  • Ensemble member, feminist sketch and musical troupe Broad Comedy

  • Board Member and Performer, Fat Knight Theatre

  • And more!

    In short, I'm excited to be here in New York, and even more excited to--FINALLY!-- be in such close proximity to quality pizza!